Wednesday, January 15, 2003

Favorite Music of 2002

I have so many I still want to buy, but so far:

1. Lost in Space / Aimee Mann -- just try and pry it from my cold, dead hands!! ("God, I hate playing Vampire towns...")

2. Kill the Moonlight / Spoon

3. Master EP / Yeah Yeah Yeahs -- Punky/slutty/wild rock at its best. Barely holds together, which I love. Bad influence for good boys and girls.

4. Greatest Hits (fan-selected) / Bjork

5. One Beat / Sleater-Kinney

6. (tie) The Private Press / DJ Shadow & Deadringer / Rjd2 -- DJ Shadow's long-awaited follow-up and...DJ Shadow's long-awaited follow-up.

7. Storytelling / Belle & Sebastian -- if it were a full album and not a glorified EP with filler dialogue from the movie, it'd be higher. My favorite band since Stereolab.

8. Scarlett's Walk / Tori Amos

9. Wallpaper for the Soul / Tahiti 80 -- mellow sexy French blend of Jamiroquai and Stereolab

10. 18 / Moby -- Forget the Bowie homage. There are 3 songs here that perfect the originally flawed Play formula, plus 1 lovely guest vocal from Sinead. A gorgeous EP's worth of Desert Island material.

RUNNERS-UP (No particular order):
Electric Sweat / Mooney Suzuki
Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Once More with Feeling / Official Cast Album
Velocity of Sound / Apples in Stereo
Light & Magic / Ladytron
Finally We Are No One / Mum
Since I Left You / Avalanches (did anyone even have this in 2001?)
No / They Might Be Giants

FAVORITE SINGLES (Off the top of my head):
*I Wish I Didn't Miss You / Angie Stone (best of the year)
Steve McQueen / Sheryl Crow (not her best, just her best this year)
Die Another Day / Madonna (Great spoof of classic Madonna by new Madonna)
We Are Not a Rock Band / S.I. Futures (the video!)
Star Guitar / Chemical Brothers
Walking Away / Craig David (he's so cute!)
Hate to Say I Told You So / Hives (stuff that's this exposed has no right to be so irresistible!)
Fell in Love with a Girl / White Stripes (Legos!)
Hero - Chad Kroeger feat. Josey Scott (guilty pleasure)

CD I most covet (a friend owns it, not me): Bright Eyes

RIP: Mary Hansen
I love you and miss you!



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