Sunday, August 29, 2004

Neglected Authors?

An article article on world authors gave me a number of names to learn. Some excerpts:

"proselytising on behalf of, say, the Albanian Ismail Kadare, the Portuguese José Saramago, the Pole Magdalena Tulli, the Swede Jan Henrik Swahn, the Estonian Jaan Kross, might produce better results than complaining."

"the Portuguese José Saramago, later a Nobel laureate, and the Swedish crime writer Henning Mankell."

"The world did not change forever due to 9/11, as many commentators had it. Its fragility had already been perfectly set down in the 20th century by other writers from that aesthetic crucible - Andri'c, Broch, Canetti, Capek, Gombrowicz, Hasek, Hrabal, Kadare, Kertész, Kis, Konwicki, Kosztolányi, Krleza, Milosz, Svevo. What these writers also have in common with us in Britain is that, though their stories may seem strange, their Europe is our ancestral Europe: a continent of picaresque risk, in which the individual is sent out to venture everything, exactly as Britain's fictional forebears were - our Crusoes and Gullivers, Joneses and Shandys - a few centuries ago."


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