Saturday, October 08, 2005

Film Miscellany

I recently realized that Turing was the inspiration for the film Enigma, which I loved, and that the filmmakers heterosexualized the man, which annoys me. True, they changed the character significantly and gave him a different name--they didn't present a whitewashed Turing--but I can't help feeling that the filmmakers lost the chance to do something even more interesting there. Too bad. Turns out that Andrew Hodges, the author of an older book on Turing, Alan Turning: The Enigma, got his say in a review, and, understandably, he was even more peeved than I. All of this does whet my appetite for the real story, though, which sounds fascinating.

I was at the Miramax site, went into their store and noticed the Kill Bill merchandise. Ohmygod, there's a Pussy Wagon t-shirt.

Recently read in a magazine about Notting Hill Anxiety Festival a short starring Julie Delpy. It was supposed to be online, but I didn't find it. I'd love to see it.

Elvis Mitchell left the NYT a while ago, but I wasn't a regular reader of his reviews, and I didn't know until recently that he went to work for Sony! That's an interesting career move for a critic.

Recently found an interesting site for us French film lovers: French Film Café from The Times Online.

The star of Kandahar wrote a book: A Bed of Flowers by Nelofer Pazira.

Did you know that the guy who does narrates those "Priceless" Mastercard commercials is none other than Billy Crudup? Apparently the lucrative contract has enabled the actor to pursue the gigs he wants rather than more commercial fare.


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