Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Looking for Something Good to Read?

So many interesting Summer reading features lately.

The NY Times asks several notable authors (including the newly Oprah-annointed Jeffrey Eugenides) what they've enjoyed recently. (Stephen King is still pounding the pulpit for Fieldwork by Mischa Berlinski; Dave Eggers obviously has an advance copy of Rembrandt’s Nose; Foer brings attention to the excellently-reviewed Kalooki Nights; Colm Toibin gives his blessing to the book next on my reading pile; Danticat whines about not having enough time to read since she's a mommy; Shteyngart has an even better source for advance books, as he's got the new Edmund White I'm eager to read; and much more!)

But New York Magazine has the really interesting features, making the Times look plebeian in comparison: "The Future Canon" ("Which novels--and novelists--from the past several years will be taught in 50 years’ time?") and "The Best Novels You’ve Never Read" ("Sixty-one critics reveal their favorite underrated book of the past ten years") among other features.

Not to mention the Chicago Reader's recent books issue (including some well-deserved scrutiny for Oprah's outside-the-book-club promotion of a very icky book) and TimeOut Chicago's special books issue, including a typically quirky summer reading list.



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