Sunday, January 13, 2008

Videos - Trashy, Amusing, and Clever

Found a bunch of amusing videos this week that helped me recover from the post-holiday blues. (I found the first three on a fun blog called FagyerIt.)

First, David Lynch on the iPhone:

Then, Dolly Parton - with an assist from Amy Sedaris (!) - and at least one groan-worthy pun.

Finally, a silly and dated old Steve Martin skit (and look carefully at the guy in the wig).

I stumbled on this edifying Glengarry Glen Ross Obscenity Count trivia question while on YouTube.

The awesome StinkyLulu pointed me to a cute old commercial featuring Charlotte Rae. (Careful exploring the rest of that LadyBunny blog - not work safe...and some of it's just really gross!)

Lastly, a friend of mine who's a singer surprised me by filming this video for a clever song he just wrote. (Sheesh, and I feel a sense of accomplishment if I don't sleep past ten. The jerk.) Perfect for primary season:



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