Monday, January 05, 2004

Some of the films on my favorites list won't appeal to everyone. Others are so well-publicized, they don't need much help from me (LOTR:TROTK, Finding Nemo, etc.). But with the following lesser-known films, I'm confident most people would love them if only they heard about them:

1. Spellbound (a doc. about the Nat. Spelling Bee? amazingly interesting!)
2. The Triplets of Bellville (pure animation magic of the kind lost on the kids)
3. Nicholas Nickleby (sweet, wholesome, so funny, and totally queer)
4. Nowhere in Africa (Best Foreign Film Oscar 2003--Holocaust film w/o the Holocaust)
5. My Architect (don't think of it as doc.--yawn!--this guy bares his soul)
6. Freaky Friday (fun even if you don't like the original)
7. The Barbarian Invasions (the man is dying--so why am I laughing so much?)
8. Winged Migration (experience flight from the air--spec. techniques, unbelievable footage)
9. Owning Mahowney (experience a gambler's addiction--and so much bad hair!)



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