Wednesday, February 11, 2004

So the U. of Notre Dame, ranked in one survey as the most anti-gay, will be the site of a Gay Film Fest. (Sponsored by the Film Department, paid for by the gay alumni association. It's ridiculous what they had to go through to show a couple of movies you probably rent down the street.) Turns out the featured speaker is Don Roos, who directed one of my favorite films, The Opposite of Sex:

Some gay grads look back on their Notre Dame experience with anger and memories of pain--among them Don Roos, the festival's featured speaker. He went on to a Hollywood career, writing and directing films such as "The Opposite of Sex," "Bounce," and "Happy Endings."

"I'm only doing this for the kids there, to show them there's an alternative," Roos said. "I've never contributed to Notre Dame in any way, because in my years it was such a repressive place."

I'd love to see Wheaton follow in some kind of gesture of kindness and true acceptance towards its gay students (and, yes, I guarantee you there are some).


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