Friday, June 08, 2007

Good News for Gay Books, David Hyde Pierce Fans

"Beacon Press launches new LBGT book series." *shrug* Wait, Michael Bronski is heading up the effort? Well, now I'm all ears. (I'd love to print up business cards for him that read: Michael Bronski, National Treasure.)
"We don't want academic books, we wanted smart books that deal with real topics," Bronski said in a telephone interview.

The first two books in the groundbreaking series, Queer Action/Queer Ideas, launched June 2. They are "Come Out and Win," by National Gay and Lesbian Task Force Creating Change coordinator Sue Hyde, and "Out Law" by Lisa Keen, a journalist living in Boston and national news contributor to BTL.

Interestingly, Beacon is launching the series at the same time many mass market publishing houses are moving away from LBGT genre books. The national InsightOut Book club has been cancelled and recent shuffling in the industry has left many editors of LBGT genre books looking for work.
One editor being referred to is surely Don Weise, who I wrote about recently and have since learned is also on Lambda's Board of Trustees.
Update: Apparently, I'm not the only one concerned about Weise's future, though he sounds fairly confident (as, with his experience, he should).

In other gay news, I recently learned that actor David Hyde Pierce let it be known that he is gay (really seems a more accurate wording than the more active "came out"). This led me to a controversial cover story in Out , "50 Most Powerful Gay Men and Women in America," which I'd somehow missed. (Although I seem to remember some discussion of the "NYTimes gay mafia" listing.) Having the world's most unreliable gaydar (really, I need to take it in for repair, but because it doesn't work I can't figure out where to bring it), I was surprised by some names such as Suze Orman. Lots of names to google here, though so far they all seem to be names in the world of finance. (Snooze...) Pictured at right is the actor in one of my favorites of his roles. Mm, nice pecs. (Also have to mention his guest role on a great Simpsons episode, "Brother From Another Series," partly a Frasier spoof.)


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