Thursday, January 31, 2008

Another Salmagundi of Links, Stray Thoughts

Of the first round of Heath Ledger tributes, I especially appreciated this cautionary sentiment from the wise A.O. Scott, as I was particularly worried that Candy (which I've never seen) would become the subject of unhealthy focus in the weeks to follow Ledger's untimely demise:
He had a taste for portraying troubled, brooding, self-destructive young men, it’s true — the anguished third-generation prison guard in Monster's Ball, the heroin addict in Candy, the unhappy film star in I’m Not There, in addition to Ennis — but the temptation to blend their fates with Mr. Ledger’s own should be resisted at all costs. Those roles should be seen less as expressions of some imagined inner torment than as evidence of resourcefulness, creative restlessness and wit.


An interesting list of books about movies.

We're all invited to take the short story (reading) challenge and, if we wish, post here. Wish I'd had this opportunity last year when it seems like every third book I read was a story collection. But maybe I'll contribute this year.

If you've seen There Will Be Blood, you know about the line. Any time you feel like hearing it again, you can.

Q&A with Chris Fujiwara on Little Black Book (Movies), which I've also seen (and blogged about in my most recent book roundup) with the title Defining Moments in Movies.

I'm definitely going to add critic Kent Jones to my blogroll. What an excellent writer, and I'm jazzed about his web site - he's compiled top ten lists going back decades, what a fun idea. Maybe someday when I get super-organized, I'll compile something like that. Here's an interview I found with Mr. Jones. (Also adding David Bordwell to the blogroll, can't believe I hadn't yet.) [Update: oops, read too fast, mixed up interviewer/-viewee and credited the cool site to Jones rather than Erickson. Still added it to the blogroll. Don't see a KJ homepage to add, alas.]

Something silly from an interesting interview with Helena Bonham Carter on Sweeney...on Sweeney Todd:
She tells me she was working so hard on Burton's latest project, a film version of Sondheim's musical Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street, that she didn't think she could get pregnant. When she did, she wasn't popular with costume and continuity. 'If you look at the film and see my breast size, it goes up and down like a yo-yo. I have my usual tangerines and I walk around the corner and suddenly they're melons.' Sliding down in her chair again, Bonham Carter erupts into giggles.

Scott Eyman (who's become a familiar name to me recently as I've been studying up on John Ford) on Rosenbaum's Welles book. And a tougher review found on the web. Also, excerpts from the book.

Oh boy, here we go again. Another round of argument over an author's bestselling memoir.

Early Oscar handicapping from Thomson: Guys (Depp) and Gals (Christie), director and picture. Andrew Sarris has a different take (well, considering the update it's not quite so different).

How unusual that we seem to be current over here on 3 of the leading contenders for the Cesars.

From Audiophile: The Movie Industry’s 200% Error.

And Muse passes on a hopeful bit of movie news. I would have been happy with Sam Raimi, but del Toro would be excellent as well.

I'm slow to put these things together. Vladmir Sorokin, who's been garnering interesting/weird reviews for the recently translated book Ice and the forthcoming The Queue wrote the script for the bizarre Russian movie 4 which I still haven't gotten around to. He's got a page on IMDb. So, as with Israeli phenomenon Etgar Keret, we have another international writer involved in the film industry.

The Stonewall awards were announced. And the category-abundant Lambda Literary Awards have received a record number of nominations. Hopefully more competition means stronger winners in the end.

Have you subjected your blog to this blog readability test? Where does it get off saying my blog reads at a high school level? I may have to throw in some higher vocab like, um, salmagundi to discourage those punks from hanging out here. Come to think of it, I did see some cigarettes stubs on the stoop this morning and some battered manga stuffed in the bushed. (Yaoi, of course).

Oh my god. Can you believe this fresh-faced girl is Joni Mitchell (then Anderson)? (If you want to skip the intro, start at 1:20.) Incomparable.


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