Sunday, March 21, 2004

Picture of Yossi & Jagger

Finally got to see a movie I'd been wanting to see for a while, Yossi & Jagger, a story of two Israeli soldiers in love. It was somewhat disappointing. The actor who plays Jagger is charming and turns in a somewhat complex performance, but the film is so short (just over an hour) that the story never achieves the necessary development to really affect the audience (and the story squanders too much of the little time it has on trivia). It was obviously blown up for the big screen (from video?) and looks pretty bad. (Was this made for Israeli TV?) On the other hand, the film, if mediocre, does point in a balanced way to the problems of societal homophobia and also to the lack of courage of one of the gay characters. It takes these soldiers' problem seriously, and for that it was refreshing. I'm constantly impressed by the hunger of gay audiences for decent films (a huge crowd turned out), and so if I'm unusually critical of (independent) gay films, it's because I hate to see that audience exploited by distributors as it so often is. Even Will from Will & Grace recently noted how bad gay films usually are. This film is probably worth a rental, and hey, it's so short, you can make it a double feature night!



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