Thursday, April 22, 2004

Picture of Eric Schlosser

Something unusual: did you know that the brilliant (and handsome) Eric Schlosser, author of the fantastic bestseller Fast Food Nation (as well as Reefer Madness, which I look forward to reading) is also a playwright? Wow, what a talent!

Another post, another Buffy tidbit: rumor has it that after the full series is issued on DVD (for us huge fans) they'll do some themed "best of" packages--for more casual fans? Can there be such a thing when it comes to the Duchess of Buffonia? I have my doubts. Also, last I heard, they're talking about doing Buffy/Angel movies on the WB network. So keep those stakes sharpened. And another thing (sheesh, I could make this a Buffy blog): Buffy was nominated for a Hugo Award. Will Buffy be "Chosen" twice in a row? (It's up against another Joss Whedon show, the short-lived Firefly, as well as (snicker) Smallville, and--hey, this is fun--Gollum's acceptance speech at the MTV movie awards. Watch out for giant spiders, Buffy!

In other tv news, and to follow up on a recent post, tonight's ER took Dr. Weaver's storyline in a somewhat softer direction. She got to see her baby, and she got a kind gesture. Phew! Another observation: Samantha Taggart (played by Linda Cardellini) is the new Abby Lockhart. She's got a similar chip-on-the-shoulder attitude, she's involved with Luka (yow! Goran Visnjic), and she's getting a big chunk of the storytime, bigger than most of the old-timers. It's good to see the characters move on, esp. Abby, as she is becoming more wise and overcoming personal obstacles. But I hate to see as great an actress as Maura Tierney pushed to the margins for TOO long. And I'm not looking forward to whatever tragedy they're cooking up for Carter. I'm taking bets: dead baby, sick baby, dead mother, or break-up? Ah the joys of drama.

Have you been following the sad recent chapter in Randall Terry's notoriously messed-up life? I should specify that Terry seems as sad as ever but his gay son seems to be moving in a much healthier direction.

Lastly, I want to mention this Sunday's important March for Women's Lives taking place in Washington, D.C. I'm proud of my friends who are going and wish I could be there with them. Needless to say, defeating Bush is a vital step to preserving a woman's right to choose (or her right to speak freely, breathe clean air, maintain a separation of church & state, and have a competent leader who can testify before commissions without a nanny and who can act in ways that don't piss off our every ally in the world). Join me--won't you?--in supporting John Kerry for president.


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