Sunday, March 28, 2004

In my continuing quest to find some good new shows to watch on network tv (cable? that's cheating), I think I may have found a gem in Wonderfalls. I decided to try it after reading a Times article that profiled creator Brian Fuller (a Star Trek Voyager/Deep Space Nine writer with a boyfriend--be still my heart!) and reported that the writing team includes Tim Minear, of the Buffy/Angel team. The article made the show sound witty and pop-culturally savvy. Fun, even. The gist is this: Jaye Tyler is a highly educated slacker working in a trinkets shop in Niagara Falls (another reason I had to watch, having grown up a couple hours from the falls). The trinkets start to talk to her, usually in cryptic messages which take on different, surprising meanings as the plot develops.

The first episode was one of the most polished premieres I've ever seen, with quick pacing, a great sense of humor, and a strong cast. The second episode has some problems but remained strong, and I've heard the third episode is very strong. Caroline Dhavernas is excellent in the lead role, as are the actresses playing her best friend and her (lesbian) sister. Pictured is the hunky love interest, a bartender who hasn't figured heavily into the first two episodes, but you get the sense they're building up the romance. The show has gotten great press (including the Weekly Standard!?), but critics warn that the Friday night timeslot may doom it quickly. I'm more optimistic. This is Fox, after all, who seem to be fairly patient about getting ratings (unlike, argh, ABC, killer of so many of my favorite shows over the years--I'll never forgive you, ABC! never!). Still, if you have any interest, get on this right away.


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