Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Criterion's August 2007 Puzzle

The latest tease from Criterion in their August newsletter is the cryptic "Nelson Eddy, Take a Seat...Chevalier will be cutting in." The connection seems clear. Both actors danced in films with Janette MacDonald. Of the films she made with Chevalier, the most likely candidates seem to include Love Me Tonight, The Merry Widow, One Hour with You, and The Love Parade. I'd rule out the first because Criterion has never before issued a film directed by Rouben Mamoulian. The other three are directed by Criterion fave Ernst Lubitsch (though One Hour With You, credited to Lubitsch, who supervised, was largely directed by George Cukor--story here).

I'm hoping they've chosen One Hour With You, not only because I'm a Cukor fan but because it hasn't previously been released on dvd.

More from Criterion's upcoming slate: Gus Van Sant's interesting early queer film Mala Noche will finally be available on video (it's a very rough film, but interesting in light of what came later); Godard's Breathless (have they really never released that one before?), Malick's Days of Heaven, Pabst's The Threepenny Opera, and an oddball scifi film I've never heard of, Robinson Crusoe on Mars.

Update: The answer turns out to be even better than expected: Criterion is releasing a box set in their Eclipse line which includes not only One Hour with You and The Love Parade, but also Monte Carlo and The Smiling Lieutenant. Can't wait!


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