Wednesday, January 07, 2004

It's probably wishful thinking in a year of tough competition (William H. Macy could be nominated again, and Peter Sarsgaard has been picking up prizes left and right), but who knows? Strange things can happen in the Best Supporting races, and when you consider that Chris Cooper has already won, Kevin Bacon won't be taken seriously, politics may hurt Tim Robbins, and Seabiscuit seems so long ago, maybe it's not such a long shot. (It also must help that his character's all about supporting a friend.) I found this image on a fan site which I read about in an article that ran yesterday in USA Today focusing on sweet Sean (the pictures in the print version were nicer than the online version, but the pictures on the fan site are much better). Not only is Sean handsome and talented (he directed perhaps the greatest ever episode of Angel), but he always comes off as the greatest guy, a total gent, modest and filled with praise for others. I've been in love with him ever since that great speech he makes near the end of The Two Towers (which is just as good a place for fans of Sean as TROTK).


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