Friday, August 24, 2007

James Wood, Film Polls, This-and-That

Just read James Wood's excellent work of criticism on DeLillo's Falling Man. It's searing, certainly balances out more on the negative side than I would have gone, but there's a lot of truth in it. Anyway, I set out looking for more from Wood (I found some) and learned that due to TNR's financial woes, Wood has been scooped up by The New Yorker. (Snarky version of the news here. Smarter reaction to this news here.) I hope this means I get to see more of his work. Update: Best article on Wood's jump yet.

Film Grotto has compiled a top 100 film list out of a bunch of critics' top tens. Results kick AFI butt.

Blogger Edward Copeland invites you to vote on the best non-English language films.

How often do film critics get in front of the camera? I had no idea Jonathan Rosenbaum ever made a movie.

This year's CIFF is dedicated to Roger Ebert. A lovely gesture.

Twitch ran an interesting post about supposedly "unfilmable" books and the dream match-ups of directors (a couple I had to look up) and material.

Excellent coverage of the LOGO presidential candidate debates. Graff, a writer I once corresponded with, is a gem.

The Times fucks up again.

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