Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Pay Heed...Flotsam

A friend passed on this excellent, um, fictional commentary, should we call it? from Ursula K. LeGuin. Funny, even classic, if not entirely fair to the critic at whose expense the joke is being had.

My reader's crush on writer Alex Ross continues. Ross is not only an excellent music critic (in fact, the word critic seems too narrow for him) with his own New Yorker office, but now I learn his partner is a Broadway director. And he has an adorable smile. Which is good, or I might have to start hating him.

Old news: the Booker shortlist has been announced. I also came across this columnist’s opinion around the same time. She read the entire longlist and chose her own shortlist before the official one was announced. Interestingly, the two largely overlap.

New books editor at The Nation. Doesn't sound like the change will be radical (in fact, it sounds as if the new editor may be the former editor's protege), though I'm encouraged by the promise of "more essays about literature and pop culture" and the notion of beefing up "online coverage of books and the arts." Since John Leonard stepped down, the coverage of literature has remained high-quality but become much less frequent. Here's hoping that changes.

Finally, a thoughtful piece on the Craig scandal.

I've never read any work by SF author Tanya Huff, but I'm charmed by the name of her LiveJournal blog.

This is beneath notice, I know, but I was amused by a recent spam I actually read. Check out the cracked English:
One of the very prominents, absolutely unequalled produce is easy accessible anywhere!...Pay heed to what people tell about this product: "I pleased how fast this product affected on my boyfriend, he can not stop chatting on how excited he is with his new girth, length, and libido!" Victoria K., Chicago
Yes, we Chicagoans talk just like that.


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